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EST: MAY 31, 2012

[!] Statement from JazzyGroup In Regards To VIXX “Milky Way” US Tour Merch and How To Order

Hello Starlights and Kpop Fans,

Thank you so much for your support. We understand that most of you are hesitated in giving out credit card information via email. Here is what we can do to feel a lot better. 

1)Please go to www.jazzygroup.com

2)Click on the contact us page. 

3) Leave us with your order information, credit card no., name on card, CVC, and expiry date. and your personal information too.

We hope this way will make you feel a lot more comfortable in placing your orders.

If someone is placing the order for you, please leave your own personal information and inform us that you will be the one picking up the merchandise at the venue.

For the LA fans, our partner Kpop united will be the one handling the pre-order. It is coming soon. Please stay tuned.

Remember, there is only 100 signed VIXX CD albums available. Hurry up and grab it.


We understand the pre-order process might cause some confusion and inconvenience. Allow us to explain briefly here once again.

(1) Choose which one you would like to buy (V1- 4). 

(2) Either Paypal us to gabrielho@jazzygroup.com as FRIENDS (No Fees) or give us your credit card information (with 2.5% fees) via email.

(3) Send an email to marketing@jazzygroup.com and list out what merchandise you would like to get on show day. (Please refer to here on specifics about how to write your e-mail: [X])

(4) Once fund is cleared, an email confirmation will be sent to you. We will use the personal information (name, phone number, home address on your DL/ID) you have provided in the email to confirm your identity at the redemption table on show day.

Since quantities are limited, we do ENCOURAGE everyone to pre-order your merchandise and pick up at the venue. We will try to reserve some for the show day. However, nothing is guaranteed especially the signed VIXX CD Albums. 

Only 100 signed VIXX CD Albums are available. We will post it on facebook and twitter once any item is SOLD OUT. If the item is all sold out, it will not be available at the venue. 

We will also refund the money to you if orders cannot be fulfilled. 

REMEMBER, please Paypal us as friends, or additional charges will apply to you.

If you want to know the steps in details, please read the earlier post

Thank you for your support.

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