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EST: MAY 31, 2012

[INTERVIEW] The new idols leading the trend are here. VIXX.

Within 1 year, VIXX has released four albums, running without rest, causing commotion and attracting attention. ‘VIXX’ holds the meaning of “the best voices, the best visuals, and the best values (Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis)”. In order to be recognized as artists rather than simply idols, they are building upon their musical skills. This is their delightful interview.

We are curious about what you have been up to recently.

Ravi: We’re working hard on promotion ‘hyde’. In my spare time I also do work on my songs, and I’m also practicing hard.
Ken: We’re running hard with ‘hyde’, and I’m also working with all kinds of instruments and musical apparatus in my spare time. I’m also preparing myself for variety.
Leo: I’m working hard to fulfill where I am lacking in terms of stage experience. I’m also working hard at studying composing.
Hongbin: I have a lot of greed towards singing, so after the daily lessons I invest most of my time into practicing my singing.
N: I study a lot for how we can give a better performance on stage. It’s also exam time at school so I’ve been going crazy with tests and problems. I want to show a more reversal image of myself.
Hyuk: I’ve been spending my time practicing, thinking that every moment on stage is precious. When the performance is over, I make sure to monitor myself.

Please talk about your first mini album <hyde> that was released in May. Also, which song is each member most attached to and why.

Ravi: The first mini album has a very deep meaning to us. The results of our hard work in preparing is our title song, ‘hyde’. The concept was taken from the motif of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ so there was a lot of consulting done to match the song atmosphere, the visuals, etc. and everything on stage to Jekyll and Hyde. In order to show a performance with our own special color we did our best. It’s a performance that only VIXX can show. You could see it as a continuation of ‘Ready to Get Hurt’ but it’s an album where you can find our color, so I feel proud. Also, the song that I feel most attached to is the first track called ‘Light up the Darkness’. The meaning of it to me is special because I wrote the lyrics.
N: I feel most attached to ‘Light up the Darkness’, which Ravi wrote the lyrics to and I choreographed. After promoting ‘hyde’ for a while now, it’s bittersweet. I think a lot about how I communicate a better performance on stage.

The music video for the title song ‘hyde’ is very intense and cool. What are your personal thoughts about it, and were their any episodes on set?

Hongbin: There’s a scene where we spread wings. Since it’s CG and there weren’t actually any wings, we had to pretend to spread them, so it was embarrassing. Ravi was the first to act but he was laughing to himself and twitching, and at the end he lifted his head and said “Euahh~”, and the wing-spreading scene was completed. It was funny at the time, but it’s fortunate that it came out nicely. 
N: Watching the completed music video from start to finish, everything looks natural, but it was embarrassing because the actress was there. But since Ravi went first and broke the ice, the members were able to do well during their turns (laughs). 

Do you feel your popularity recently? Not long ago, an article on the Internet said a whole area of Lotte World became immobilized because of VIXX.

N: Rather than saying we feel our popularity, we feel more people like us than before. Before, we heard “Oh, those guys must celebrities, they must be idols” a lot, so we thought “Ah, they don’t know us.” But recently we hear “It’s VIXX” so people have come to know about us. Compared to the past, we feel that ‘More people know us now,’ ‘More people like us.’ In the future, people will recognize is for our songs and dance. In order for that to happen we should work harder.

Please talk about times where you felt touched or happy as a singer.

Ravi: There’s a big concert that happens once a year, <Dream Concert>. I grew up watching famous singers performing there on TV, so standing on the same stage with such prominent sunbaes was really touching. Our last performance was special. I felt how precious these things were and I felt proud.
N: There was a time I went to my hometown in Changwon to do a music program. There aren’t a lot of instances where performances are held in Changwon, but somehow i went to watch once, and as I was watching my dream of becoming a singer grew. Standing on that stage, with my family in front, I learned that I can be proud of that. I still can’t meet my expectations, but the thought of having my dreams come true makes me happy.

Is there a singer that you like or have as a role model?

Hongbin: Ever since I started doing music until now my role model has always been Park Hyoshinsunbae. He was the reason I started music, and the reason I chose Jellyfish as a company. Park Hyoshinsunbae is my forever unchanging role model. Since we’re in the same company he communicates and helps us a lot. Seeing Park Hyoshinsunbae after debuting are the happiest moments. He guides us on singing, and also monitors our performances and coaches us on stage manners.
N: VIXX really likes Big Bang. Of course there are other great sunbaes. Rather than Big Bang being role models, we want to resemble the direction they’re going in. Exploring different types of music, watching them being closer to artists rather than idols, we’ve even said, ‘Even though we’re idols, let’s be artists like sunbae.’ We will learn and study instruments, composing, even engineering, all things related to music, and later on stage production, with our own strength. 

If you had to pick a song of your life?

Hongbin: When Park Hyoshinsunbae had a concert, he sang Luther Vandross’ ‘Superstar’. It was cool to the point that even talking about it now gives me goosebumps and watching that video makes me thing I want to be a cool singer like that. I want to be able to show a side of me like Park Hyoshinsunbae.
Leo: During my first year of high school, I was watching Wheesung sunbae singing ‘Walking in the Sky’ at a year-end award ceremony and I fell for his performance, I was really decided on becoming a singer then.

What things do you have great interest in recently?

Ken: I want to be able to dance well to fit any kind of music, so I find freestyle dance enjoyable. Recently I’ve fallen for a dance move called ‘the dougie’.
Ravi: Working on songs has become fun, so I’ve made a lot of demos. I’ve divided it into categories such as what VIXX can do, what someone else and I could do together, what I can do by myself, etc. It’s still undecided when fans can hear my music, but I want to show them when the song is completed. There were two times during an event and fanmeeting that I showed them through a solo stage, and their reactions were good.
N: Yesterday I secretly listened to a song that Ravi composed, and it was really good. It’s clear that a good song will come out of it.

If you have a favorite motto?

Hyuk: ‘Let’s live correctly’. It’s a motto that hangs in my house ever since I was young.
N: ‘Let’s do well’. As a leader and the oldest hyung, I have to do well in order for the dongsaengs to do well. 
Hongbin: ‘Success is the best revenge’. I think if you’re set on that, you won’t regret anything in your past. It’s a motto that I’ve been living on since elementary school.
Leo: I don’t have any exact favorite motto. If I had to say, it’d be “Passion”. 
Ken: ‘Don’t put off what you can do today’. If you don’t do today’s work, you become a lazy person, so finish today’s work and take care of tomorrow’s work tomorrow.
Ravi: ‘Let’s have fun, do what you love’. I live thinking like this. 

How did you feel performing at Lotte Shopping Avenue in Jakarta?

Ravi: I think meeting Indonesian fans personally for the first time was a good opportunity and impression Sometimes I see fans who like us on Twitter from different countries around the world. I’m always thankful for those in different countries who send us mentions. Even if it’s only for a day I want to hurry and meet them personally. 

VIXX has performed at Lotte Shopping Avenue in Jakarta. Hundreds of fans gathered with placards in their hands and the passion was hot. VIXX was also bewildered by the amount of fans.

What kind of music do you want to communicate to fans in the future? Also, what is VIXX’s ultimate dream?

N: We’re sure of our goal. We want to be called the ‘VIXX trend’. Rather than being remembered as ‘the kids with the vampire performance’, we want our songs, dance, the clothes we wear, etc. to be the center of the VIXX trend. We’re going to be more sure of our concert and show a deeper understanding of the stage. People will recognize us and enjoy our music. Also, after ‘hyde’ promotions end at the beginning of July, we have plans to come back with a new song in the summer season. Please continue to monitor our pace. It’d be great if you anticipate us as well.

Source: Lotte Members “Big Pleasure” Magazine
Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

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