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Monthly Schedule
10/21 [LIVE] ArirangTV After School Club
10/21 [BROAD] Boarding House No. 24 Episode 5 (Ken)
10/22 [PERF] MBC Show Champion
10/23 [PERF] Mnet M!Countdown
10/23 [RADIO] KBS Kiss The Radio (N)
10/24 [PERF] ArirangTV Simply Kpop
10/24 [PERF] KBS Music Bank
10/24 [EVENT] Fan Sign @ Hongdae
10/24 [RADIO] MBC Starry Night
10/25 [EVENT] Fan Sign @ Incheon
10/25 [EVENT] Fan Sign @ Apgujeong
10/25 [PERF] MBC Music Core
10/26 [PERF] SBS Inkigayo
10/26 [EVENT] 2014 1st Donation Dream Concert



Product Specifications Delivered in 1993, VIXX’s artwork representative. Charming Point Deep voice that caresses one asleep, dimples that can’t be overcome, humanly personality. My Hero My grandmother who always gives me strength. If I Became a Hero I should wear a flashy suit. To the extent of green spandex and a yellow mask? Ideal Type That Shakes My Heart A girl smiling brightly while her long hair flies. Words That Make Me Happy Let’s be together for a thousand, ten thousand years. Brag about VIXX TV A YouTube broadcast containing VIXX’s private life. As its scale becomes larger, our characters are taking their places. Sentiments of Being in Charge of Artwork I will fulfill my responsibilities so the team can shine brightly.


Product Specifications Delivered in 1995, the maknae in charge of growth development and potential. Charming Point Striking eye smile and profound eye shape, foundation of confidence, expert in wit. If I Lived as a Hero for 7 Days <Twilight>’s Edward. I want to love and protect the people I treasure forever. I Am  Handsome When When somebody gives me advice, doesn’t it sound like I’m trustworthy? An Ability I Want to Upgrade The ability to express affection. My Secret I can only sleep after I touch the zipper of a pillow. Ideal Type That Shakes My Heart A girl who has a distinct personality and values. VIXX’s Related Search Terms After One Year Entering Billboard charts, consecutive no. 1’s, and eventually mainstream idols.


Product Specifications Delivered in 1990, poker face hyung vocal that is even more handsome while singing, former player of National Youth Soccer Team. Charming Point Triple threat of a rare voice, passion, and gaze. Qualifications of a 21st Century Hero A true hero is not only someone who is just, but someone that has the charm to touch people’s hearts. Members’ Merits N’s friendliness, Ken’s loud brain map, Ravi’s righteousness, Hongbin’s thin legs, Hyuk’s innocence. Ideal Type That Shakes My Heart Someone that I can connect with by first feeling. My Life’s Naughty and Nice Having to call my mother during my school days, making my parents happy by debuting with VIXX. To the Members The road we walk on is long. Even so let’s not hurry. 


Product Specifications Delivered in 1993, VIXX’s oldest son with a combination of composing and lyric-writing skills. Charming Point I am confident in my work. My Hero Zeus. I want the trident that rules over the world. Qualifications of a 21st Century Hero Genuine towards music, enjoyable attitude, sincerity to repay the cheers. A Member’s Secret At the dorm Ken hyung walks around with no clothes. Ideal Type That Shakes My Heart A lovely girl that likes a sweet guy. 10 Years Later Ravi’s growth into a composer, Ken hyung and Hongbin are actors on the side, Leo hyung and Hyuk’s growth into amazing vocalists. Wouldn’t N hyung be doing musicals. We all receive love and are in love!


Product Specifications Delivered in 1990, normally friendly, sexy leader on stage. Charming Point Jazz and modern dance choreography skills, Japanese ability that Hallyu idols are required to have, a brilliant brain that placed 1st in school. If Money Fell From the Sky During my trainee days I acted in the musical <Gwanghwamun Sonata> and since then my interest for musicals has grown. I would go see the orginal version of <Cats>. Ideal Type That Shakes My Heart A girl who is more charming the more I look at her and has strong beliefs. A Date with Her Walking on Garosu-gil holding hands. Being an Idol Leader Is… It’s a position that is enjoyable when the members do aegyo and I follow along, it’s tiring because responsibilites make it twice as hard, and it’s an endless thankful position when I hear fans cheering. VIXX’s Dream I want to grow day by day and leave good impressions!


Product Specification Delivered in 1992, cutie vocal that has won numerous singing contests. Charming Point Fresh smile, charming husky voice, instinct for gag. My Hero Spiderman who flies around buildings and saves people. An Ability I Want to Steal The ability to freely shoot flaming spiderwebs and to see in slow motion during emergencies. A 21st Century Hero is Someone who comforts the hearts of people. VIXX is Different Rich voices that aren’t idol-like, if you poke at us lots of personal talents (main specialty, sounds of things) will come out, innate dance skills, in addition to tons of colorful reactions. Ideal Type That Shakes My Heart Aegyo and eye smile, a cutie that can manage herself. To the Future Girl Only look at me.

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