A blog dedicated to Jellyfish Entertainment's 6 membered group, "VIXX", consisting of N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk.

Your #1 source to all things VIXX. Here you can find the latest news, pictures, videos, translations, everything imaginable on this blog.

EST: MAY 31, 2012

Monthly Schedule
10/22 [PERF] MBC Show Champion
10/23 [PERF] Mnet M!Countdown
10/23 [RADIO] KBS Kiss The Radio (N)
10/24 [PERF] ArirangTV Simply Kpop
10/24 [PERF] KBS Music Bank
10/24 [EVENT] Fan Sign @ Hongdae
10/24 [RADIO] MBC Starry Night
10/25 [EVENT] Fan Sign @ Incheon
10/25 [EVENT] Fan Sign @ Apgujeong
10/25 [PERF] MBC Music Core
10/26 [PERF] SBS Inkigayo
10/26 [EVENT] 2014 1st Donation Dream Concert

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