Do the VIXX members have Twitter accounts?
  • VIXX: @RealVIXX
  • Leo: @J_TAEKWOON
  • Ken: @jaehwany0406
  • Ravi: @AceRavi
  • Hongbin: @RedBeans93
  • Hyuk: @HSangHyuk
  • What is the mailing address to VIXX? I want to send them a gift.
    VIXX Member Name
    Jellyfish Entertainment
    Seoul Central Post Office PO #1283
    100-612, Seoul

    Please be aware of the restrictions (taken directly from the fancafe):
    "Mails without a postmark and big and bulky couriers aren't allowed to store in post-office box. If a letter isn't a letter-type and it's like a business envelope or a bigger letter, it can be returned regardless of the shipping countries. Please be sure to send ours regular and letter-type fan letters." In other words, NO GIFTS, ONLY LETTERS.
    How did the members get their stage names?
  • N: The “yeon/연” in Hakyeon/학연 in Japanese is pronounced as “en/えん/縁”. He decided to use it because “縁” means fate or destiny and he believes it was fate to have met his fans.
  • Leo: He was named by Jellyfish Entertainment's CEO in hopes he would become king of the music industry, just as a lion is king of the jungle.
  • Ken: He was also named by the CEO because he resembles the Japanese actor Hirai Ken and his personality is also similar to the Street Fighter character Ken.
  • Ravi: In French, ‘ravi’ means ‘to be enchanted by’ or ‘to be attracted to’.
  • Hongbin & Hyuk: They both use their real names.
  • What does Chayeoji (차여지) mean?
    Chayeoji is a nickname that N got while VIXX were promoting On and On. It refers to his lyrics. Please refer to this for more information.
    What does it mean when Ravi says "Het" (헷)?
    "Het" is just a laughing sound, like "heh".
    Why is Hongbin called 'Kong'?
    The 'bin' in Hongbin has similar pronunciation to 'bean' in English. 'Kong' means 'bean' in Korean.
    Who is Hongbin hugging in his profile picture on Twitter?"
    Park Hyoshin. The picture was taken when Park Hyoshin came to surprise Hongbin at his birthday event in 2012.
    Who are the Mydol Trainees? Where are they now?
    They were Jellyfish Entertainment trainees and possible VIXX members. They were part of the TV program, “Mydol” They consisted of Nakhun, Daewon, Byoungjun, and Yoonchul. Nakhun has since debuted in the group Demion, and Yoonchul is a member of Topp Dogg under the stage name Nakta. Byoungjun is currently promoting on YouTube. Nakhun has since tweeted about Daewon, stating that he has finished military service and joined the group OFFROAD.
    What is the name of VIXX's fanclub? Does VIXX have an official color?
    VIXX's official fanclub is called ST★RLIGHT. We do not have an official color yet.
    How do I join the official ST★RLIGHT fanclub? What about the fancafe?
    The second recruitment for the official fan club is open on the 17th of Setpember 2014 until the 30th of September 2014; you can find an in-depth tutorial here.
    Where can I buy VIXX merchandise?
    Official merchandise can be purchased through the fancafe, however there are limitations regarding the period of sales and international shipping. When merchandise is available for purchase for international fans we will let you guys know!
    Please also be mindful to not buy any unofficial merchandise, it is illegal to sell items with the ROVIX or the members printed on them, as well as the official VIXX logo.


    Where do you get [official] photos and videos?
    From their official fan cafe and/or official news sites. Links to websites here.
    Can we edit fantaken photos? What photos can we edit?
    Generally, you can not edit any fantaken photos. However if it is allowed, you will see "EDITABLE" in the caption under the photo when we post it. We do not have an editable tag and will not make one. Official photos and news photos are allowed to be edited.
    Is ____ subbed? Where can I find _____? What is this picture/gif from?
    Any subbed videos can be found in our eng subs tag. If it's not there, it most likely has not been subbed yet. Alternatively, take a look through our masterlist. Please check our tags page to find any performance or variety show. Please refrain from asking about which gifs belong to which program. Due to the sheer number of asks we get, we cannot spend time searching for the right answer anymore, please understand.
    Where can I find VIXX's schedule? What about for the whole month?
    You can find the schedule on the sidebar of our front page. We try to keep the schedule as updated as possible, and we follow exactly as it is on VIXX's official home page. A link is also provided for the monthly schedule on the front page.
    Can I use your translations to translate into my language?
    Yes, as long as you credit the source (if it's a news article) and FY!VIXX correctly, you may use our translations to translate into another language.


    Is this the official Tumblr for VIXX?
    We are not the official Tumblr for VIXX. We’re just VIXX fans. This Tumblr is to keep international/English speaking fans updated and informed about current news about the boys.
    Who runs this Tumblr? Who is in charge of what?
  • Admin Angela: atelierofaestheticism, updates and design
  • Admin Jenna: ravirie, updates and design
  • Admin Kayla: kaymmiller, translations and updates
  • Admin Kat: kaeseorin, translations and updates
  • Who are the Admins' biases?
    Angela and Kayla are Leo biased, Jenna is Ravi biased, and Kat is Ken biased.
    What are the admins' opinion on ___?
    We have a separate blog for our followers to ask us our opinions. Please visit askfyeah-vixx. :)
    We ask that you do not use the fanmail feature. We are unable to reply due to the fact that you have to be following someone to reply to the message. Please use the message feature instead
    Can I advertise my merchandise on here?
    No. We will not accept request to advertise what merch you're selling. We did once before and the influx of people was overwhelming. We are a site that provides data and updates for fans, so we will remain just that. The same goes for wanting to trade items.
    What is the theme you use?
    If you wish to contact us about something else, such as support projects, please email us at or send us a mention on Twitter @FYVIXX