VIXX will be returning to Europe for two concerts

  • Friday 12th September 2014 in Budapest, Hungary
  • Sunday 14th September 2014 in Warsaw, Poland

Tickets go on sale on August 11th. More information about ticket prices and venues will be available soon. 

Please visit AZIA Events for more questions

Source: Azia Events

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Anonymous: Thank you for this beautiful, smoothly-run, & professional website! (I'm sure lots of ST★RLIGHTs agree that this is one of the best VIXX websites!) My Q's feels like I am over thinking it, but I'm in desperate need for clarification: I'm an official starlight, but I never upgraded on Daum Cafe. I know that I have until Aug 4 to update my daum cafe ST★RLIGHT status, but do I simply follow the easy Name/ID No./Picture post format, or do I also add the level up questioner to my post on [별하나3차등업]?

You only need to post your full name, ID number and photo of your card in that board, nothing else. Thank you and you’re welcome, we’re happy to help Starlights in this way.

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[FULL] 140729 VIXX (N, Hyuk) - MBC Every1 Hyungdon & Daejoon’s HITMAKER

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