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EST: MAY 31, 2012

at what point do you have to use the auction website? (I'm the anon who asked if it was possible to join the fanclub no matter how old you are) first you send the email to them, then you pay them, but when do you have to use the website? I apologize if I'm confusing ;;

Don’t worry, we understand that this process could be confusing! After you send your payment, your registration is complete. You do not have to use the website at all to sign up to be an official Starlight.

Hi! I have a few things I need clearance about. I hope you don't mind the tonnes of Qs I have. :) If we were not members or we haven't join in VIXX Daum Cafe, can we still apply for the Official Starlight 2nd Membership? Or do we need to join the fancafe then apply for membership? And my other question is do we need an auction account before we e-mail them (auction) to purchase the membership?

You can apply for the membership without signing up to the cafe first but you should sign up to the cafe at some point as most of the benefits are through the cafe. You don’t need one, one will be made for you as your membership is processed.


Is boarding house no.24 that KEN is acting in a movie or a drama?

It is a 12-episode sitcom that will air once a week.


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[PREVIEW] 140916 VIXX (Ken) - MBC Every1 Boarding House No. 24 Episode 1 (Airs 9/23)

what was that anon asking about using credit card for? is the fan club registration opened again??

Yes, it’s open tomorrow. There’s more information over here [x].

Hey there would you recommend using credit card?

It’s a much quicker and easier process but there’s no way to guarantee how safe it is so it’s entirely up to you.

we can send our email application for byeoltwo sept17 11am kst right? why does it seem like some are already sending theirs? ;;

You can send the email any time you like but they won’t respond or process your membership until 11am KST tomorrow. I have heard some people have already sent them but it doesn’t make any difference.

[CUT] VIXX (Hyuk) - STAFF ‘Up Jeans’ Movie